Our team

  Roman Varakin — Co-owner and Director of Tour De Force

He is responsible for developing and growth of each part of the company's business.

  Bella Varakina — Co-Owner and Product Manager for Tour De Force

Bella has worked as a tour guide for over 10 years, gaining valuable experience and insight into the standards expected by travelers from the West. She insists that the quality of all Tour De Force services exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Natalia Abrosimova – Senior Project Manager


Natalia is responsible for running group tours and establishing relationships with key suppliers across Russia. Her strong tour leading background and exceptional managerial skills helps her to coach and support a motivated and efficient team of tour leaders.


Marina Gubareva  — Travel Consultant

Marina started her career as a tour guide before she shifted to office work to face new challenges. Therefore she understands exactly how to create well – planned tours that take in the very best of each attraction. 

  Regina Maslenina — Operations Manager

Regina is responsible for arranging various services Involved in tour products. She is an easy going person. Regina adheres to physically active lifestyle and enjoys cycling.


Victoria Dzhadzhieva - Accountant

Victoria handles the entire accounting process. One of her main skills is the ability to pay attention to details. She contributes to team efforts to grow our business.


Julia Mukovnikova – Senior Operations Manager


Julia is happy to provide shore excursions for cruise passengers and a range of services for those who prefer tailor – made holidays. Everyone could see passion in her approach to the work.


Tatiana Sukhorutchenko – tour guide 
Tatiana is so-called “field player”. She shares her love and passion to the city and the country with our guests. She is dedicated and loves what she is doing.