01 August, 2009 On-Site Messaging system
Leave your message though our brand new On-Site Messaging system and our consultant will get back to you shortly.
15 July, 2009 Discounts and special offers
We offer a 10% discount for all our guests under the age of 14. To receive a discount notify us via e-mail or web form before making payment. Find out more deals we have prepared for you..
01 July, 2009 Immigration procedure
To avoid queues and hassle at the immigration control area we start our tours a bit later than other tour operators - at 9:30. In case you still need to line up, it is IMPORTANT to know : Attempts of cruise ship companies in giving priority in disembarkation to cruise passengers who have booked shore excursions through them over those having independent arrangements are against the Russian law. Be aware of your equal rights to go through the custom control area at the appropriate time allowing you to be on time for your arranged tours.
10 June, 2009 Visa information
The cruise lines may state that the cruise passengers are not allowed to disembark in St. Petersburg unless they have purchased a ship sponsored shore excursion. In accordance with immigration laws you will not need a Russian visa if your stay in St. Petersburg no longer than 3 days and book tours through an appropriately licensed company like ours provided you have necessary tour documents: 1) Your Passport 2) Tour Ticket which we will provide
01 June, 2009 St. Petersburg celebrates the birthday of Peter I
June 9th, 2009, the city will celebrate the birthday of its founder tsar Peter I, better known as Peter the Great.


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